DSG Podcast | Ep 33: Everything you need to know about printing

Wendy of Wendyzine shares what you need to know to printing photo books, individual layouts and photos. What is bleed and why you need it. How do you know your colors will print correctly. Printing your old digital photos. How do you know what print company to choose? We answer your questions about printing!

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DSG Podcast Episode 33: Everything you need to know about printing photo books, layouts & photos with Wendyzine


  1. I just had to jump back in and say how much I enjoyed this episode. Wendy – I agree gamut it really important I can really tell that some of my older pages weren’t and they just look muddy.

    Always wonderful to hear from Wendy – I have a very large collection of her actions and use them every time I print my pages.

  2. Diane

    If Wendy can share notes about enlarging the page to prepare for printing it in a Book and note loosing the details that that Is a part of the edges – that would be awesome.

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