1. So finally I got to listen!!

    Opentype fonts work in PSE – they will automatically convert common character combos etc.

    As for seeing glyphs in PSE… sorry! There’s no way to see them within PSE.

    For windows

    1) Windows key.

    2) Enter charmap.

    3) Click on the charmap

    4) Select the font you want to use

    5) Select your glyph from the panel and copy and paste it back into PSE

    You can totally use the ALT+ codes as Leah was saying.

    On a Mac, use the application Font Book (I think it’s installed by default)

    Hope this helps some PSE users 🙂

    Also, I can’t believe the timing on this episode – not PSCC has a glyphs panel YAY!

  2. minorscraps

    Hi! I found you after reading a newsletter from Wendyzine!

    Do you have any suggestions for a way to organize fonts for the hobbyist? Most programs I’ve seen are pretty expensive.

    Suggestions for the best way for installing and uninstalling? I’m trying to use Fontbook currently on the Mac, but when I uninstall fonts, they still show up in Photoshop.

    • From what our community has said, Mac and Adobe don’t play nicely with each other at the moment when it comes to font organizers. I did some research on free font organizers for Mac, but didn’t come up with anything other than Fontbook, unfortunately.

      The good news is that despite the uninstalled fonts showing up in Photoshop still, they aren’t putting a strain on your computer. If the team or our facebook community come across a solution for you, we’ll let you (and everyone else know). If you end up finding something or any sort of solution, please share. 🙂 I’m sure you aren’t the only one with this issue.

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