1. Misty

    I use windows folders to somewhat organize my digi supplies, but I import all my digi supplies to Lightroom 5 since this program now recognizes png files. I have a category file for digit supplies and category file for photos in lightroom. There has been no need to tag any of my digi supplies either, I just import any new supplies I get and when I want to search for red flower I type “red flower” in the text box and it shows me all my red flowers -its amazing!!! And then I right click on the flower I want and select “show in explorer” and the folder pops right up for me to drag it into photoshop. I have a couple years worth of the Daily Digi files and had organized them all by month and year and later found that this was extremely difficult to go back and locate kits since I couldn’t remember what month a certain one was released. Since I have been using lightroom I have found lots of wonderful elements and papers that would have otherwise been lost because it would have taken too long to locate it. They shared this lightroom tip on the daily digi a year or so ago and it has been the best advice for organizing I have found. Hope this helps!

  2. Lisa

    I also use Lightroom, though I do a lot of tagging. My system is probably much more complicated than most people use but it’s easy to find all my arrows, for example, if that’s what I need.

    I use Backblaze to back up my whole computer. It costs $50/year. I lost the hard drive containing all my photos and all my digi supplies this summer but for $200 they sent me an external drive with everything that had been on that drive. I could have had them back for free if I wanted to take the time to download them myself.

    • For Mac users the Finder is a great way to organize your digi supplies. I organize by designer > kit. In each kit folder I create folders for Alpha, Elements, Journal Cards, Paper, Word Art, etc.

      The only thing I tag is previews. I have a ton of tags, like kit, alpha, template, patterned paper, grunge, distressed, brad, stash (elements I can use on any layout), white, light blue, birthday, Halloween. and on and on and on. I view the results as icons and increase the size so it’s really big then scroll through to look and see what I want to use. Then I right click and “Open in enclosing folder” and I have access to all the goodies in that kit!

      BTW I’m a kit scrapper.

  3. minorscraps

    I also use Lightroom on a Mac to view my supplies. I keep previews in the same catalog as my photos. When I am working on a page, I browse the kit previews and choose from there. If you right click on an image in LR, you can tell it to open in Finder. In Finder, I have all my kits organized by Designer>Kit Name. I tag kit previews with Daily Digi and designer name.

    I use Crash Plan for backing up off site. You can choose which folders you want backed up with them. By the way, always store back ups of important information (financial, etc) as an encrypted file.

  4. So heartbreaking Summer!! At least it was retrievable even though the $$$$ is a lot.

    I really don’t recommend using portable EHDs at all – they rarely stand up to daily use. That’s why I use a desktop PC. Almost every time there’s an issue with losing data it’s an SD card, EHD, or whatever.

    Definitely back ups are vital but I rarely trust EHDs

  5. Also if your computer is slowing down – it’s almost never the hard drive that causes things to slow down. It’s almost always the RAM that causes the computer to seem slower.

    The reason why your computer may appear to slow down when you add more files could be due the reduced space for a swap file. The swap file is the ‘overflow’ space for your RAM (working memory) on your hard drive.

    I have a HUGE amount of RAM on my PC and laptop for this very reason. 5 years on both computers are still speedy 🙂 I have well over a TB of stuff on my internal drives without issue .

  6. S Hurst

    I have yet to listen to this episode…but I suffered a camera memory card failure on the last day of a 10-day trip. I just sent to the card to a specialist in Germany…hopeful they can retrieve some of my photos. Looking for way to back-up on the go. I have little kids so the idea of bringing a laptop (which I don’t have) and downloading every night is just not realistic…ideas?

    • Oh no! I hope you can get those photos back!! So sorry this happened to you. Thank you for sharing your story with us as I’m sure it is bound to help someone else in the future.

      I suggest something like an EyeFi SD Card (http://www.eyefi.com/buy-now). They have packages that include a wifi SD card for your camera with cloud back up. Of course, if you’re traveling where there is no internet, this is probably not the right fit.

      This CNET article specifically addresses all sorts of back up solutions for traveling: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-store-your-photos-while-travelling/

      Please let us know how the photo recovery process turns out for you!

  7. Shannan Manton

    Just letting you know I have my digi files in Photo, including PNGs. I actually love the organisation – I use the album view and I have albums within albums (eg All Kits then by designer). It doesn’t allow me to drag and drop into Photoshop but I’m hoping that changes.

  8. I’m on a Mac. I use Time Machine on an external drive to backup my whole computer including my pictures. I also have subscribed to Carbonite for many years. I’ve added Dropbox to my backup routine. It’s very redundant, but it makes me feel better. I use the auto DB photo backup from my phone (in addition to Camera Roll / iCloud). And I just added Lightroom Mobile to backup my phone photos. My DSLR photos I download from the card after every use. Can you see how paranoid I am?

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