DSG Podcast | Episode 42: Current Events

We’re back! It’s just us this discussing current events and the latest useful news for memory keepers, like Apple’s iPhone 6s camera features and some retiring designers. Join us as we get back into the groove!

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  1. When you consider that the Surface comes with a pen and keyboard and runs full software I can’t see the iPad really competing.

    Ps you can get Pages on the iPad 🙂

  2. Thanks for the Iphone 6 / Note 5 camera comparison. I have the Note 4 and LOVE it (stylus is so, so handy). My next phone will be the newest generation Note. So far the 4 is a workhorse and refuses to die 🙂 , so no Note 5 for me yet.

  3. I wanted to leave some comments about the Apple Watch. I don’t have one but my husband does. He works for Apple, and has been on the team developing the Watch. I don’t know if he still works on the Watch or not.

    When I first watched the Watch announcement, I thought it was brilliant. (I’m not tech-y and don’t really follow tech stuff, so I didn’t even know there were already other watches out there). I thought it was brilliant because it offered a way to be hands free. At the time, I didn’t even own a smart phone. I’d seen people with their phones out and about, always carrying their phones in their hands. How inconvenient, I thought, to have to have that thing in their hands constantly. So I thought the watch would make a cell phone a lot more convenient.

    I heard a review on the radio that praised the Watch for allowing essential access your calendar and texts without subjecting yourself to all the distractions that your phone offers. So the Watch might be an efficiency booster so you don’t get sucked into your phone, but still stay connected. I know my husband does in fact use his Watch to check his schedule to and to see incoming messages.

    A few months ago we visited another city and used public transit to get around. We used an app called City Mapper, which made public transit very easy. It could even tell us when to ring the bell to get of the bus. One of our bus trips was long, and I found myself constantly pulling my phone out of my purse to check if we missed our stop: my husband appeared to be completely negligent in his task of getting us off the bus at the right stop. When I asked if he was watching our progress, he said, Yes – on his Watch. So that makes me think that a Watch might be really useful for people who use public transit or are navigating an unfamiliar place. You could have your phone tucked away in your purse, watch the scenery go by, and sill know your Watch would tell you when to get off the bus. However, since some people seem to prefer a screen to a window or daydreaming or people-watching or napping, this aspect might not be very important to them.

    Finally, one more thing that I know my husband loves about his Watch is using it as a remote shutter button for the phone’s camera. He likes to prop his phone on his backpack and use the Watch to take a picture. I wonder if it would still be considered a “selfie” when done that way?

    • Christine

      My husband really likes his watch because he can get alerts while in a meeting and not have to dig out his phone to check the urgency of the message. He also gets notified what is next on his calendar.

  4. Christine

    Regarding buying digital content from Amazon on your iPhone: Amazon’s apps don’t allow you to do that because then it would be considered an in-app purchase and Apple would get a cut of the sale. You can, however, go to safari on your phone and make purchases through Amazon’s website.

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