DSG Podcast | Episode 48: Resources for Expanding Your Creativity

Join us today as we provide insight on some fabulous resources for expanding your creativity and living a creative life!!! 

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DSG Episode 48- Resource for Expanding Your Creativity


One Little Word 2015

Do you pick one word to focus on each year?  One Little Word, officially, is the brain child of Ali Edwards and she’s really given the community a gift with this project (and her workshops). I didn’t participate officially, but last year I decided to try out the concept thanks The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges.

My word was “believe.” It was inspired by my kiddo’s unwavering faith in things he couldn’t prove or see and when everyone around him couldn’t feel the magic and wonder he did. And while I cherished this about him and while I encouraged him to continue, I realized that somewhere in the course of the last few years, I stopped believing. That magic was gone and I wanted it back. I had to believe in it again.

What I wasn’t prepared for when I picked my word and scrapped my word is how that word would continually show up throughout the year. I’ll spare the details, but will say that there was something about taking the time to actually scrap the word that internalized the concept for me. Call it taking the time to focus intention. 2014 was a year I believed and the year magic happened as a result of believing.

This year, my word is “balance.” While believing last year, great things happened, but also a lot of things…new things. At the end of 2014, I was having a hard time juggling the bounty of belief.  I realized I’d rather be walking tight rope with slow, thoughtful steps than be the juggling clown in my life’s circus. Here’s my one little word for 2015 scrapped:

One Little Word 2015

One Little Word 2015 | Supplies: White Out Paper & Elements by Allison Pennington; Font: Rough Typewriter


The page doesn’t have a perfectly balanced design because I recognize that balance is not fully achievable. We just don’t live in a perfect world and I am pretty sure that no one on this planet has mastered perfect balance. The idea is to manifest the word in my life by thought and deed, not master it. And since my one little word 2015  is balance, I need balance my concept of one little word against the reality of my crazy messy life.

I’m sharing this with you partly to inspire you to think about what you need more of in your life and partly so that when I say I’m busy or behind or stressed, you can hold me accountable to my goal of balance.

So, what is your word this year?



2014 Favorite Scrapbook Layouts

I’d like to take a moment to share my list of 2014 favorite scrapbook layouts that I’ve created to temper the the cold, hard data I posted last week. I’m going to order them by month created because I don’t think I could ever rate them from most favorite to just plain favorite. If you’d like to see the credits, click the image.

There’s something about the nuetral palette, ephemera and text in the circle that makes me happy. The title is made with one of my all time favorite alphas (and I feel I’m not alone). Also, I managed to use a chevron pattern!

daddy treat

I really wanted to use the clothespins and I found a way to make it work!! I love all the colors and paint on this page. (I also love coffee)

Morning Necessity

This page was a Get It Scrapped assignment that really pushed me creatively.

crazy cat lady

I created this page for the Process Play class at Masterful Scrapbook Design… it’s meaningful, hopeful story, dressed in a difficult scenario. And that’s kinda my life: wrought with difficulties like this one, yet still funny, happy, and full of hope. Every time I see this page, I laugh.

I Won't Die 4 U

This year, I did my best to do something with a stack of old photos I stole borrowed from my parents. I made this page around Mother’s Day and loved how the petals add a maternal feeling to the page.


This is my everyday battle: mess!!! This is mostly cat created, but I could probably be more organized in order to prevent it. I love that this page documents our life authentically.

Messy Life

Not only was it incredibly fun to stage these photos, but I loved that I got create in a super girly style! This page rekindled my interest in genealogy, too.

Sugar & Spice

I absolutely the afternoon swim at the beach feeling in the summer. While we didn’t go as much last summer as we have in the past (a teenager is not so interested and a shark attack kinda made me weary, too, since sharks feed during the time we normally swim), I treasured the times we went. I love how this page and photo treatment captures the ritual and mood of our return home from the beach.

Beach Day

This one was created for the Story Play class over at MSD. I simply love the alphas and the transparent feel to the whole page that supports the story. Plus, it’ll make a good medical record, too. I’m all for multipurpose scrapbooking! Did you know that if you record your kid’s vaccinations in a scrapbook, it’s counted as medical proof? We learned that recently when two doctors and two health departments lost my son’s records!

Autism Chiari

I tried to create more pages about me last year… and this is one of my favorites. I have always loved stories, so I decided to create an homage to the stories that I’ve carried with me over the past 38 years of life. It’s also my favorite 2 pager of the year.

True Story

Obviously, I love Halloween and cats… and this one is probably my favorite because it combines both, plus a sorta chalkboard look (which I like more than I admit).

Love This Cat

My final favorite of the year… I simply love this photo. All the papers just make it feel cozy and right. Simple journaling for a simple moment.

Oh Christmas Tree


Reviewing my pages me realize a few things: I tend to use color and composition to create mood instinctively. I choose embellishments and patterns with intent. Most of these pages have a block design and/or a blue and pink color story, but most of all, they truly help me relive my memories and at times, laugh out loud.  There’s a lot we can learn from the pages we love the most. What common threads run in your favorite pages of 2014?