DSG Podcast will be back next week


I have to apologize that I didn’t make a post sooner! I sent this in the newsletter, but then realized perhaps not everyone subscribes to it. (but you totally should, sign up for the newsletter HERE) There won’t be a new episode of the DSG Podcast this week, but we’ll be back next Thursday with a brand new show!

Why? Because for the first time 5 years, my son is back in public school (and he’s doing great with the transition…yay!). Also, I need to change my schedule a bit; I need weekends to be family time instead of podcast editing time, so I’m switching up the release date of the show from Sundays to Thursdays.

While you’re waiting, why not catch up on the past 6 episodes? Then add your thoughts to the show discussions via comments. Or you can follow and browse our new Pinterest boards:

All the POTW in one place!

All the past shows are now pinnable!

…and more fun is in the works, so STAY TUNED!!


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