1. Courtney S

    I feel like a star having two comments read! 🙂

    Crediting in PSE11 (and restored in 13): If you have your layout open, and then drag the element or paper or whatever up on to the layout from the photobin, it will retain the name (fdd_ffSoTimely_tp4). If I drag the element, etc. down onto the layout in the photobin then the layer becomes layer 1. Although you can’t create a script in Elements, you can use them. So, I have a crediting script that will pull the names of every layer into a text and write it to the metadata. Then it doesn’t matter where I pull items from – I can mix and match kits to my hearts content.

    I can select mulitple items to pull into PSE, but I don’t think stacks are available that way.

    • Love that you feel like a star! 🙂 You are an awesome comment leaver.

      Good point on PSE and scripts. I will have to find the instructions to load scripts into PSE and link them. I always used crtl + select to bring multiple items into PSE, but I seem to recall it loads them into the project bin and not the actual document.

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