1. Natalie (QSOgirl)

    It’s so good to have you back, ladies!!

    Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, but I think that my first one got eaten ūüôĀ So I’m going to give it a second shot.

    I’ve never done an in-the-moment December album, though I really admire the ones that I see! The year that my daughter was born, I really, really wanted to do one. However, I didn’t get the album prepped in time, and she ended up being born Nov 30. Because I knew that I wanted to do an album, and I’d done some mental planning for how I would put it together, I made sure to take notes and photos (in particular orientations, because I knew that I wanted to use baseball card pages!) every day. I also purchased the paper collection that I loved that was released that year to use when I finally got to it.

    And I *did* get to it! I made the album just before my son was born (my daughter was 2.5). I did some strict planning, which for me was critical to finishing it well! You can see my series of blog posts here:
    Ever since I finished the album, I’ve wanted to do a video walk-through of it, but I just haven’t done it yet (combination of not spending the time on it and being chicken!!) Maybe this December ūüėČ

    P.S. I felt kind of mean counting Summer’s “likes” during the episode, but I just couldn’t resist the challenge! I came up with 76, if you include the usage for simile and its actual definition (admire/prefer/favor).

  2. Nice to hear you all again. I will be looking forward to the next episode, too.

    This is the year that I am finally going to finish the “holes” in my Journal Your Christmas project. I have never finished it, and this year I have decided that I will do the pages for the prompts that I have missed over the years. Wish me luck!

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