DSG Podcast Episode 50

Join us today to discuss the Advantages & Disadvantages of Oversharing on Social Media.  Such a fun topic!  But we would like to add a little DISCLAIMER: these are all opinions of the show hosts!  We did a little research and read articles to educate and inform on what the current norms and opinions are for oversharing. Then, mixed in with our personal opinions, we “share” with you our thoughts on it all.

Unfortunately there was a clip with bad audio that had to be omitted. We discussed this video “Whats On Your Mind”, in which an adult overshares his every waking moment on Facebook.  We are all publicly branding ourselves (as Christy explains on the show) and the act we write online may not be the one we’re living behind the scenes.

There are many pros and cons to making our daily lives open to the public.  Take a listen and let us know what you think!

The Digiscrap Geek Crew


Summer Christiansen

Karen Poirier-Brode

Christy Strickler


We talked a little about this term “Sharenting”.

Reality is now life in a cell phone: What would happen if you forgot your phone?

The Surprising Benefits of Oversharing

The Surprising Benefits of Over-sharing on Social Media

Episode 50

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