• StudioWendy

      I have an extraction action for sale in my store. It really only works well for certain types of images, but it can work really well when it does work. It’s pretty inexpensive because I know it will only work on certain types of images.

      Like Leah pointed out, there are so many different variables when extracting that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

  1. Courtney

    Actions load easy starting in PSE 11. That’s why I upgraded from 10 🙂

    I need to learn this mask thing. I’ve never really understood them. I tend to be like Leah and use the eraser. Christy I started with the Pioneer Woman Actions too! They work on PSE 11. thecoffeeshopblog has a lot of free actions too.

  2. Just thought this quick summary may help people

    Step by Step processes

    PSE11+ you load actions via the Windows – Actions Panel

    PSE10 and earlier you have to do the ‘tricky stuff’ and Actions load in the Effects panel

    Full Photoshop you load actions via the Windows – Actions Panel

    These you click to apply to the currently selected layer.

    PSE11+ you load actions via the Effects Panel – Load layer styles (https://thedailydigi.com/how-to-install-layer-styles)
    For PSE10 and earlier you have to do the ‘tricky stuff’ and Styles load in the Effects panel (http://www.digitalscrapbookinghq.com/using-styles-photoshop-elements/)

    Full Photoshop you load styles via the Windows – Styles Panel
    These are like mini programs. I’ve use Radlab and OnOne. They generally have their own installer.
    In Photoshop Elements and full Photoshop plugins have their own buttons/panels BUT you can also get to them via the Filters Menu. Eg Filters Totally Rad
    Much like actions but more advanced

    PSE you do the ‘tricky stuff’ and Scripts load in the Effects panel

    Full Photoshop you load them via the File – Scripts menu

  3. Design Cuts

    Thanks so much for making our font bundle your pic of the week Leah, we really appreciate it :). Sorry this response is coming late, we’ve just been flat out recently. Love the site, and great job with the podcast.

  4. StudioWendy

    Arriving to the party a little late… There are actually 3 ways to load actions in PSE from version 11 on. If you love to have your actions the “old” way, where you have icons in your Photo Effects panel, you can still install them the “old way.” You have to find the hidden folder on your computer and then copy the ATN, XML and PNG file into that folder. The second way accomplishes the same result by installing through the Preset Manager.

    Alternatively, you can use the easy action panel and load them that way. This method is most similar to the full version of Photoshop. Your actions will be in a list inside a folder.

    For my actions, if you want to install the “old way” you would use the PSE7-10 individual action files provided. If you want to install the new easy way, you would use the PSE11+ version to keep all actions sorted into folders or sets within the actions panel. I have a PDF explaining all this on my website.


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