1. Yay for the new podcast!
    Karen is right about Picasa – I’ve had a few crashes too and I once lost 3 years of photos from my computer (which was ok because I had prints and backups – but was still not thrilling) and I no longer spend time tagging photos in Picasa but I do still use it.

    • Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

      Just to clarify, if Picasa crashes you will not lose your photos, just your catalog. If your disc dies, though, you may lose the photos. I’m lucky to have a computer expert son who has done miracles for me; but, I do recommend backing up your photos to a cloud or other discs, just in case.

      • Summer Braack Christiansen

        Got it! That makes sense! I will probably be using Picasa when i get my junk together!
        Thanks for listening!!

    • HelenH

      Thanks, Karen, for the info about Picasa recovery, or lack thereof. While listening to episode 2, I batch-renamed photo files by date, especially the files I scanned from film.

      • I’m curious as to how you determined what dates to use for the scanned photos… did you rename by date scanned or date the actual photo was taken? I don’t have a great system for naming my scanned photos.

        • HelenH

          When I got my negatives scanned, they came unordered on a CD. I spent a lot of time moving them into the Picasa catalog. Year folder with month folders inside. Some had event sub folders. Today I renamed the files YYMM, with numbers 1, 2, etc appended by the rename. So a photo taken April 1994 is named 9404n.jpg, and some (not many) are further identified by location, like 9404SCarolina. The scan date doesn’t add value to me.

  2. Janet

    I enjoyed the podcast so much that as soon as I finished listening, I started it again. Great job, Carrie!

    After reading about Hazel on the Daily Digi, I purchased Hazel to help me keep my digital scrapbook files in order. When I download a kit it goes into my Download Folder. I wrote a rule in Hazel stating that any file in my Download Folder that matches designername_kitname, automatically is moved to a folder named New Scrapbook Kits and all the files are combined into one folder and that file is named designername_kitname. All empty folders are deleted. I subscribe to the Digi Files so each month I download a minimum of seven kits and Hazel has saved me hours each month. At the end of the month, I transfer the kits to my main folder for scrapbook supplies. Here’s a link to the article: http://tinyurl.com/ps26wrz

    With the latest version of iOS you can tag any file and I find tagging much quicker than renaming. If the elements in a kit are given generic names, such as element023, I will tag only the elements that I am most likely to search for. Then when I need a staple or brad, I just do a search in the folder that contains all my kits.

    I can’t wait to listen to the next episode of the podcast!

    • Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

      Thanks for the input about Hazel. It does sound a bit techie to set up but it might ultimately make organization simpler. Glad you mentioned it and I may give it a whirl.

    • Janet, that’s such good info, thank you for sharing. I wonder if there’s anything similar to Hazel for Windows? Right now, I just Unzip Them All and while it works, I have to clean up the files in my downloads folder, which is time consuming- especially for big collections or store collabs. I think it’s good to have a monthly routine to take a few minutes to organize, even without the automation. It really makes a HUGE difference for me, personally, because it keeps my files manageable. The quicker I can find what I’m looking for, the more I can scrap. 🙂

  3. Courtney S

    I stumbled upon you today! I was so happy to have a new podcast to listen to.
    My organization (digi girl). I download to my regular downloads folder. Then when I unzip, I move it to a Unzipped Folder that is in my “Digi” folder. PSE Organizer watches this folder, so when I load up PSE Organizer – there’s my new stuff! And then I toss it into folders from there. Those folders are Store-designer-kit name. For example: SO {Scrap Orchard} Kaagard Little Boys. It’s easy to find, and keeps kits together for crediting.

  4. Sarah DG

    Yay! A new digi-scrap podcast! (I know I am waaay behind on listening, but my podcast app was having trouble picking you up until just a couple weeks ago.)

    I am a very happy Picasa user. Picasa DOES write tags and captions to the metadata of JPG files. It is unable to permanently write tags to PNGs, but this is true of all programs, as far as I know; PNGs are not capable of carrying metadata. I have been using Picasa on my computer for years to tag stuff. I have moved the files from one drive to another many times, and the metadata always stays with the JPG just as I tagged it or captioned it. The tags are not lost even if your computer crashes.

    I also use PicasaWeb to back up my photos online. It’s free up to a certain amount of storage, but I pay extra (about $25 a year for about 100 GB of storage). I have thousands and thousands of photos backed up there and have not even reached a quarter of the limit that I pay for. PicasaWeb still exists, they are just trying to push users arrive at the service through a different access point now, namely Google Plus.

    As for organizing digi-supplies, I use a folder system based on themes. I have a fall folder, a Halloweeen folder, a summer folder, a camping/outdoors folder, etc., as well as folders for misc. kits, misc. alphas, etc. that don’t fit into a certain category. I learned this system from Katie the Scrapbook Lady on the Digi Show, and it works really well for me! I use the Windows Explorer search function if I want to find something specific that’s not in the kit I’m using. I agree with those on the show who said that it’s really nice when designers name things with descriptive terms. That way, if I’m looking for a button, I can find it when I search by name. 😀

    Thanks for bringing a digi-scrapping show back into my life!!!

    Sarah DG

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