1. Courtney

    I haven’t listened to it all yet! So, I will be back with more. On the subject of P&Co and Subs: I seriously can’t find enough information on it. There was a newsletter announcing it, but the link in the newsletter and the link above take you to a sign in/up page. It doesn’t use my regular login for P&Co. And if I try to create an account, I have to subscribe. Personally, I’m not subscribing to anything I don’t have the details on. I wish Gennifer would be a little more transparent about what you get somewhere I can view it better. I did win a subscription at Digi Night Out, so I’ll be interested to see if I want to continue it after I get to try it out.

    When I first started scrapping, I bought the Digi Files for a year. I loved that it introduced me to different designers, but by the end of the year, I was sad that the majority of my scrappy budget was tied up in one subscription. Mostly because I learned that while it’s fun to know I get XYZ, I hated knowing that I was limited on how much I could spend elsewhere. I’m wondering if I’ll feel the same about P&Co.

    • I’m waiting to hear back from Gennifer as to where people can find more info on the subscription. When I have that info, I’ll add it to the show notes.

      I felt similarly about The Digi Files. I LOVED my subscription and recommend to anyone wanting to subscribe, especially those new to digi. After 2 years, a lot of my Digi Files product sat unused on my EXHD. It either wasn’t my style or I just had too much product andnot enough time. I opted to put my money into a PS CC subscription instead of The Digi Files and pick up product I knew I’d use. I felt so guilty! There are things about that subscription I miss.

      I think having a variety of subscription options in the digi world to meet the varying needs of memory keepers is a good thing.

  2. Thanks for having me on the show ladies! I’d love to hear how listeners are managing photos. What’s working and how much time is spent on managing photos vs. scrapbooking them.

  3. I spend more time scrapping than photo organizing myself. I automate a lot with PSE, Eyefi cards etc. I use PSE Organizer for my photos and just wanted to mention there are some technical reasons why they don’t automatically write metadata. I have been asking Adobe to do it for years, but there’s all kinds of issues once you have someone editing metadata in multiple programs and the operating system.

    I really love Crashplan and just wanted to say they do all your files AND EHDs (as long as you plug them in)

    They even have an office in Australia and sent my see drive from Sydney. I am super happy with them, I had two years on Mozy and never even finished the first backup!! (That’s how slow upload speed is here!)

  4. Smealiea

    I think it was on this episode that Lightroom was discussed. (catching up on several this week during my commute) If I recall someone said that Lightroom does not auto save metadata. I am pretty sure that it does.

    (from the Adobe help page http://help.adobe.com/en_US/lightroom/using/WS638E3AC9-A04C-4445-A0D3-F7D8BA5CDE37.html)

    Specify where to write metadata changes

    Lightroom automatically writes adjustments and settings metadata to the catalog. You can also instruct Lightroom to write the changes to XMP. In order for changes made in Lightroom to be recognized by other applications, metadata must be written to XMP.

    Choose Edit > Catalog Settings (Windows) or Lightroom > Catalog Settings (Mac OS).

    Click the Metadata tab, and then do either of the following:

    To write adjustments and settings metadata to XMP, select Automatically Write Changes Into XMP.

    To write adjustments and settings metadata only to the catalog, deselect Automatically Write Changes Into XMP.

    If you don’t write adjustments and settings metadata to XMP automatically, you can select a file and choose Metadata > Save Metadata To File.

  5. Sammie

    I’m catching up on older shows and just wanted to comment on Lightroom because I love it so much! Lightroom has really simplified and sped up my process for editing and organizing.

    Smealiea is right, you can change your preferences in Lightroom to automatically save the metadata. Some people choose not to though, because it slows Lightroom down (because it is saving after every adjustment that you make). If you want Lightroom to run faster, like I do, it is easy to know which photos need to be manually saved because those photos have an icon on them which shows that they have unsaved changes. You just have to be sure to save all changes (Ctrl+S) before exporting those photos.

    Lightroom also makes it easy to backup photos because it has the ability to export to websites. I regularly upload my photos to Flickr and all the metadata goes with the photos. Since this is a function within Lightroom, I don’t have to export (save) the edited photos to my hard drive (which would take up a lot more space).

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