1. Courtney

    So much to comment on!

    First, Summer, the Digi Lounge ticket is not buying friends 🙂

    Second, as someone who has been to the Digi lounge (and attended as a paper scrapper as well previously) at the Expo, and dealt with the South Towne Expo center separately: The Center charges per outlet. And it’s a ridiculous price. It was like $15 or $20 per outlet for the event we looked into. I don’t know what the specific charge is for the Let’s Create Expo.

    By signing up for the Digi Lounge, you get to enter the Expo (no separate day pass necessary). There is a roped off area for the Digi Lounge. That area includes outlets and is reserved seating. If you just buy the regular paper pass, you do not have access to electricity, even just to charge your phone. The seating is first come, first served. So if you have a group of people, there is no guarantee you will get to sit together. Last year, Scrap Orchard designers and staff put on games and speed scraps, and answered tutoring time questions. There were coupons, a free kit, and prizes. There was also the added benefit of being able to leave my computer and go walk around or grab lunch. I didn’t have to worry about it because we all kept an eye on each other’s equipment. (I hope that makes sense?). Funny enough, last year there were some women who bought the digi ticket so they could sit together and bring their silhouette and iron, and plug their cell phones in. They liked that it was reserved, so they didn’t have to be there when it opened, or buy the early entry ticket. The equivalent in the paper tickets is probably the “Reserved Seating” which is more money.

    And onto the show:

    From a budget standpoint, I actually disagree with the subscription idea. For my limited budget the subscription was a gamble. If I didn’t like what was in the month’s choices, I was out of luck for the whole month.

    I do agree with the idea that in the digi world the releases come too fast. I would love to see more designers go to twice a month. I think that would also make kit retirement sales farther between which would be nice.

    I don’t agree with Gennifer’s comment about the paper world being less themey than the digital world. We have an entire store local where everything is actually divided into themes. I have entire scrapbooks where the water pages are made with a water theme kit, and the birthday page has Chuck e cheese paper to match the party. I’ve found more multi use kits in digi, than I did in paper. But my mom is most definitely a theme kit scrapper. She did that in her paper days, and she continues in her digi kit choices. I think it’s more a type of personality, not a type of scrapper. I think that as a scrapper personally leans towards those multi use kits, they see them in paper too. Like buying a car – you suddenly see the one you bought everywhere when you didn’t before.

    Which brings me to the age old kit scrapper versus multi kit scrapper. I scrap differently right now as a store CT than I did before as a ‘regular scrapper’. As a store CT, I often kit scrap because that’s what I’m trying to show off. And because of the new releases, quite often I use a kit once, and don’t get back to it. But prior to CT’ing I did use a single kit multiple times. I have one kit that is on 15 different pages in a two month span I love it so much. If I am making a page that I know I will post online, I tend to stick to one or two kits because crediting. If it’s one I know I won’t post online, I will use whatever floats my creativity even mixing different stores together. I think the closed store galleries have forced a lot of scrappers to stick with one kit, maybe two. After all, if you normally hang out in two or three stores, and you make a page that combines all of them, you can’t really share it. I can post it at an open gallery, but if that’s not my “home” than who really sees it?

    I do like a subscription when it comes to choices. I like the GIS subscription because I like to be able to learn new things, and I have a lot of options as to what I can learn. I like my Amazon Prime subscription because I can use it for shipping or music or movies. There are a lot of choices. Even Netflix allows me to pick different genres of movies. But when it comes to kits, I feel limited. I don’t want to spend my budget on only one kit. What if I don’t like the Storyteller for the month? What if I don’t like the colors of the PCO kit for the month? I like to be able to see it ahead of time, and then decide. I like surprises, but not when it’s my whole budget.

    And personally, I know this sounds harsh, but I’m really not into the exclusive forums. I don’t want to only talk to people who have the same purchasing habit as me. I don’t want to have to track down a friend who decided that the sub wasn’t for her and now she’s not in the forum anymore. It feels like high school, and I hated high school politics and cliques. So exclusive forums is actually a detriment to me, not an encouragement.

    And yeah, sorry so long. I’d love to hear what other scrappers think.

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