1. I loved what Kristin said at about 48mins. I am happy and love my life but often second guess posting about it since I don’t want people to think my life is perfect or like I’m bragging.

    PS I have about 20% pages about me I would guess? 3 albums worth anyway.

    • I think 3 albums worth of about me pages is pretty impressive!

      I think if you have pages about great things in your life, you should definitely post them. We need to celebrate each others successes and awesomeness. It’s all part of your story and I think we really need to change the stigma that sharing good things isn’t selfish. The same could be said about things- sharing too much of the difficult parts of our stories can be seen as self-pity or self-absorbed. But again, bad stuff happens. Again, it’s still our story.

      My main bullet point is post away if you want to and when looking at others pages, be mindful of those stimga so you can re-frame them into a more supportive thought process.

  2. What a great discussion about moms being in photos! Jackie wrote an awesome blog post about why moms need to be in photos. http://bit.ly/momsinphotos. I have one precious photo of me and my mom when I was age 10 right before her car accident that caused her permanent brain damage and changed our lives completely. That photo is what got me through weeks of my mom being in a coma and not being able to see her in person. I took that photo to school, slept with it – it went everywhere with me! Photos can be very powerful.

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