1. Summer… you know more than you think you know. If you worked with a local family history consultant at a family history center in your area, you’ll be surprised what they can help you find. Give it a try! No pressure. Just… don’t worry about the complication of your family. There are so many ‘tangled branches’ but a consultant would be happy to help you… free of charge!

  2. One other comment… not every story, memory, tidbit of information should be scrapbooked, but nearly all of them can be preserved in some fashion. Stories and ancedotes can be written in a word document and printed as a book using Lulu.com or some such place. You can save the little stories to FamilySearch.org which is a free website to capture and preserve memories as well as build a common family tree. I love that y’all spoke so much on family history scrapbooking. I would also add these few other tips, if y’all don’t mind.

    • Don’t mind at all, Devon! I love the idea of saving little family stories and anecdotes with a site like Family Search or even a word document. I do jot down those little tidbits of info my parents share on whatever is handy, then transfer them to a word document (that gets backed up)… but sometimes those scraps of paper with my notes sit in a basket for awhile and I don’t always remember why I wrote it down… so you definitely want to use a system where you can flesh out the notes promptly.

      • Exactly! I also discovered that FamilySearch has an app where you can voice record the memories and stories and attach them to people on your family tree. How cool is that?

        I am an amateur genealogist. I have discovered by sharing little bits of the story on a family history blog also helps to keep the little notes. Then I can come back and refresh the stories.

        We’re so fortunate to live in a society where we can corral all of this information. The trick is to find something and use it. That’s the part I sometimes forget. I have the technology… go use it.

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