DSG Podcast | Episode 28: Train Your Family

Today we’re talking with May Flaum from Craft with May. May shares her journey to becoming one of the leading teachers in the scrapbook industry. May shares tips and tricks for memory keeping during your vacation and vacation scrapbooking once you’ve returned home.

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Digiscrap Geek Podcast Episode 28 with May Flaum: Vacation like a memory keeper. Tips and hacks for documenting your vacation from planning, to destination, to returning home to scrapbooking your memories in a vacation album.


  1. Love this episode, I wonder how the podcast topics are always so in tune with my life. I’m going for 3 short trips coming may and june, Adelaide Melbourne and Taiwan respectively . I love to document my travels and I guess my travel scrapbook albums have overwhelmed my normal scrapbook albums! This year I plan to keep things simple by bringing some Midori travelers notebook and a instax printer along to journal along the way. The rest of the pretty photos will be printed on a photobook and that’s it! I guess this podcast gave me a good blogging topic 😀 Thank you for all the inspirations!

    P.s. on the topic of instax printers, the one amy tan used to have was Fujiflim Pivi MP300. I guess the films for this printer is obsolete. I was really sad because I bought this 3 years ago and only used it twice (a birthday party and a trip) so it was wasted. The new one is called Instax Share printer. http://www.fujifilm.com/products/instant_photo/printers/instax_share_sp_1/

    There are several more from other brands that prints polaroid-liked photos. Can check them out on the site photojojo.com. For example this one http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/polaroid-zip-instant-printer/


    • I promise we are not spying on you, Pepper! I really love idea of keeping it simple, with goes along with what May said. I think I need to invest in an instax of selphy… I would have loved to scrap on the train my last vacation.

      I think Lomography also has insta-printers and cameras as well. I think it’d be fun experiment to take a vacation and just use an instant camera.

      Have a great time on your adventures next month!

  2. I loved listening to this episode! I listened while I was running, so I’m just now getting a chance to sit down and write my comment. It struck me as I was listening that a lot of the techniques for managing the “overwhelm” of photos+ephemera from a vacation or trip could be applied to everyday life memory-keeping, too. My scrapbooks have a mix of both “events” and “everyday,” and I have found that my methods of managing the big stuff have trickled over for managing the little stuff.
    I am just getting back into scrapbooking after a 10+ month hiatus (having a baby, along with not having the physical space to get out my stuff, since I’m a paper girl), so I am getting reacquainted with my ephemera organization (and revising it). But I have fine-tuned my photo organization in the meantime, and my process sounds similar to May’s (I love it when someone is as crazy as me :)), though I’m not quite as ruthless about deleting as perhaps she is…
    I get all of my photos onto my computer and before I load them into Lightroom, I do one (or more) passes through them to delete the obviously bad images. Once I have culled and discarded, I import all of the rest into Lightroom. I add captions (which are saved to the metadata of the file!) to every single photo, and then I go through the photos ONE MORE time to choose favorites (which I mark with a color label). Those favorites are pulled into a smart collection (I share monthly favorites with family) and I only edit those photos. When I get to the point of scrapbooking the photos, I can look at/print just the favorites (pulled by color label), or if I need some more context, I can look at the rest of the photos around them. And the story is saved right there with them. Awesome. It takes some time, but is so worth it in the end, like May was saying– the hard work of choosing is finished, and I can get on with the scrapping!

    • Congrats on the new little one! I love hearing about people’s processes. It think you hit an important piece for people who maybe have taken a break from scrapbooking or just feel too overwhelmed to scrapbook. Breaking it into smaller bits like you have (and like our guests seem to repeat) is probably the place to start. Organizing anything memory keeping related can re-ignite that excitement of putting stories on page with product while reducing the overwhelm.

      I think I probably need to adopt the culling process before importing to Lightroom… because I never delete photos… and it does cause a lot of overwhelm for me at times. Thanks for sharing!

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