What does memory keeping mean to you?

DSG Podcast: What does memory keeping mean to you?

I have always been a lover of diaries, ephemera, photos and creative expression. Beyond the baby book I created for my son, it never occurred to me that I could combine all the things I enjoyed into one hobby. Then my husband was diagnosed with a life threatening Chiari Malformation, a rare deformation of the skull that needed correcting. We had no idea what the future held or if he’d even survive the surgery and if so, how his memory would be affected.

Finding a way to capture my husband’s personality and our life together became a priority. I decided to start scrapbooking the important stories in our life so that we wouldn’t forget, so my son and step-children would always know their dad. We had a happy ending, but memory keeping became a habit, a passion, a way of life…

Memory keeping means celebrating our every day.

As iNSD approaches and our live show, I wonder what memory keeping means to you. If you’d like to share with us, you can download this printable PDF or JPEG, print, then snap a selfie with it, leave a comment below or record an audio message to share what memory keeping means to you. Use the hashtag #mkm on Instagram (and follow the show by clicking here) or to send us a shout out on your favorite social media site.

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